I want to lure my 16 yr old niece to come and spend a girls-weekend at my place.

She is super fashion and beauty conscious, and I need to up my game, even more so after my brother told me she might reject the invite under the pretext that “her aunt isn’t cool” (it’s evident none of them knows what they are talking about!)

Since Sundays are for self-care, I always have face masks in store and keep my mani-pedi tools in good condition. Time to sharpen my skills!

The idea of peeling off blackheads, dead skin cells, and other undesirable thingies in one movement has a weird charm for me. Without further ado, I got myself a cucumber peel-off mask in a small squeeze pouch.

Upon reading that the content was good for three treatments, I thought: “let me try it, and if it works, there’s enough for the 2 of us.”

I opened the tube, and a glitter green gel-like liquid poured out. I applied some of the glittery fluid to my fingers. It was super sticky, rendering it challenging to spread evenly on my face.

I liked the glittery look, though, and generously applied 2/3 of the contents.

Once done with the application, I admired my work.

I looked like The Mask!

As I felt my skin feeling stretched due to the mask drying off, I started to peel it off.

My secret desire of pulling all dirt at once in one elegant movement didn’t pan out.

To the contrary! Pulling my skin proved the wrong treatment for me, and since I could not apply it evenly, there were parts where the mask wasn’t dry, becoming a mess to remove it from my face.

What was supposed to be a moment of relaxation and pampering became one of pain and delusion.


Pretty similar things happen to us entrepreneurs when it comes to online marketing.

1-Easily fall for the shiny objects, buying courses or services that are not what we need or will address our issues.

In the same way, I got charmed by the glittery look, even while I was not too fond of the texture, and it wasn’t easy to apply.

2-Do too much of one thing, like being on several social media platforms simultaneously and putting the same content independently of the platform, expecting great results in no time.

Comparable to me applying too much liquid and not waiting enough for it to dry.

3-Go for marketing strategies that aren’t aligned with our communication style.

Peel-off masks aren’t the proper beauty treatment for my sensitive skin. This treatment significantly increased irritation and redness, and now I need to fix that damage.


Marketing isn’t that difficult. It’s like choosing the right beauty treatment for you.

Don’t get distracted by shiny objects

Settle for the strategy that best aligns with your style

Use your resources wisely

Give your strategy time to produce results


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