With new technology, tactics and trends being released on what seems like a daily basis in the marketing world, it’s no wonder we catch ourselves comparing our own methods and strategies to others around us.

They just sold out their program in one webinar?!

They convert nearly every discovery call they have?!

They posted one post in a Facebook group and grew their list by 200 people?!

But the truth of the matter is, and maybe you’ve started to figure this one out, that what works for one business and one entrepreneur doesn’t work for another.


Because everyone’s different.

If you’re an introvert and hate speaking in public or doing Facebook or IGTV lives, then it is absolutely absurd that you would market your business that way. Of course you aren’t going to sell your products and services or grow your community if your energy isn’t behind what you’re doing.

I’ve collected some top tips & tricks to help you not only discover your marketing style, but how to tune out everyone else and build a strategy that still works. Let’s jump in.

#1: Take your time to see what your marketing style is.
Here is where it’s time to get real honest with yourself about who you are and where your comfort zone is. Now, I’m not saying don’t challenge yourself. I’m saying be aware of who you are so that you can start to build an effective marketing strategy for your business. For example:

Introvert: Build strategies that give you the time you need to formulate your thoughts and engage your audience on your terms, like blogging and email marketing.

Extrovert: If sharing your endless energy is what keeps you going, consider vehicles that capture your personality such as videos, public speaking, webinars, and workshops.

Tribal: Since you generate leads or sales by creating a relationship with your customers, consider joining online/offline groups in different places.

Person-to-person: A key pillar in your marketing strategy is inspiring your customers through storytelling and sharing experiences with them.

 ** Find your style **

I created a cool quiz for you to identify your style. After completing it you get a report with additional insights and strategies.

#2: Be consistent. The real key to success in business is discipline.
It’s as simple as that. Before you jump ship to the next shiny object on the market, check in with your original vision for your business, your marketing style and strategy, and make sure that whatever new element you’re introducing is aligned with your brand, your message, and the problem you are solving for your ideal customer.

And show up. Every single day.

#3: Sit perfection on the sidelines.
This one fits nicely into Tip #2. So often, if our content isn’t perfect, we don’t share it. Be adaptable, commit to showing up, and just go for it! Chances are, your first instincts are correct.
#4: Create bite-sized content, however you’re sharing it.
Many of us are so involved in our businesses that we think we need to put everything we know out there to prove our expertise. But really (and this is a game changer), sharing too much information is overwhelming. We know all about our business and our industry. But your audience doesn’t. So not only does breaking it down and simplifying it into bite-sized chunks of wisdom guarantee you never run out of content ideas, but it also makes you more attractive to your audience.
#5: Take time for proper research.

This one’s obvious and yet, so often overlooked. Take the time to get to know your audience. Everything you do in your marketing strategy goes back to your customer. Use the right keywords. If your website doesn’t reflect your customer, they won’t stay. You need to find out what their life would look if they don’t solve their problem. Ways to do this include:

-Hopping on calls with past, existing and potential clients/customers and having a conversation to pick their brain.

-Data mining within forums; see what people are talking about – what language their using, what problems they’re having and do your analysis that way.

-Market research surveys using tools such as SurveyMonkey or Typeform.

An online marketing strategy that respects your style together with in-depth understanding of your customer plus implementation will render your marketing almost effortless, will get you real results, and you will stand out from the crowd.