The marketing style profiles

Every entrepreneur has her very own style to do marketing.

Some love the limelight; some thrive when connecting in a personal way.

If you want marketing that feels easier and has consistent results, knowing the natural strengths inherent in your own personality will make things so much easier and natural for you.

Explore all 4 Marketing Style Profiles to complement the insights you obtained from the quiz. Most entrepreneurs resonate strongly with at least two! Then check the guide  to learn how to take advantage of this all!


The more you engage and talk to people, the more energized you feel. You love the limelight and prefer to take action quickly instead of overthinking things.

Sharing your endless energy is what keeps you going, consider vehicles that capture your personality, such as videos, public speaking, webinars, and workshops.


You tend to spend more time on listening to your customers rather than on talking and advertising to them.

Strategies that give you the time you need to formulate your thoughts and engage your audience on your terms like blogging and email marketing are a good fit for you.


You prefer to promote and sell your products/services to related people with whom you already have a relationship.

Since you generate leads or sales by creating a relationship or affinity with your customers consider joining groups in different places, whether online or offline: Facebook, LinkedIn, and various forums or associations.


You prefer to create lasting and more profound results, and hence you look to connect with your audience in a personal way.

Inspiring your customers and touching their lives is a pillar of your strategy. Build relationships with your target customers by listening, storytelling, and sharing experiences with them.


How to use your Marketing Style