Using your Marketing Style to the Max

The 4 Marketing Style profiles are a tool to help entrepreneurs cut through the noise and get a marketing strategy  that feels natural. When your marketing strategy is aligned with your own style, it feels good for you to put it into play. You then market yourself consistently and it’s no longer a strain and struggle to find the right tactics for you.

That being said, the profiles are just that – a tool – and one brief profile  on its own will not get your marketing  delivering stellar results. Only you can do that!

But, the insights you gather from your profile can indeed help you to do these three things:

  • Be consistent:  when your marketing strategy is aligned with your own style, it feels good for you to put it into play. You then market yourself consistently.
  • Stay on track:  knowing your style will help you to focus on what you like and what you are good at, removing the sense of overwhelm.
  • Be authentic:  capitalizing on your natural abilities will make you feel at ease & authentic when marketing your business.

You’ll get more and better results out of your marketing efforts. The times of feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed will belong to the past!

The steps below will help you to squeeze the most out of your natural abilities.

How to use your Marketing Style

The Marketing Style profiles are based on entrepreneurs I’ve worked or connected with over the years, grouped together based on common personality traits, things they didn’t have an issue with, and  the stuff that blocked them when  they forced  themselves  to do something they didn’t like, or that made them feel uncomfortable or inauthentic

The power of your profile lies in the art of reflection…

Your Marketing Style is a tool to help you reflect with intention on how to bring your marketing strategy in alignment with the real you, with what you like to do and not so that you feel at ease and confident


First Step: Reflect on your Primary Profile

If you took the marketing style quiz, you received your primary profile – that is, which of your answers most aligned with a specific result. This result is a starting point for reflection.

I encourage you to explore your individual profile page and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does this profile feel like me?
  • What strengths/weaknesses are spot-on and which are not? What would I add?
  • How did the suggested strategy feel? Challenging? Or a relief? What other ideas came up?
  • Is my style currently aligned with my marketing strategy in my business? If not, why not?
  • How can I align my strategy more with this style?

So start with this powerful question, and let that percolate. Let your style drive your strategy.


Second Step: Find your secondary profile

It’s 100% normal that there will be one other profile that will strongly resonate with you. A 7-question quiz can’t perfectly pin you down – you’re human after all and unique! For instance, I’m definitely a Person to Person, but Tribal is my secondary profile.

After you dig deep into your Primary Profile, find another one here  that resonates with you and ask yourself some of the same questions from Step One.


The Four Marketing Style Profiles


Third Step: Let your style drive your strategy

The Marketing Style Profiles are tools to guide you in your business. So I encourage you to reflect on them with intention and keep asking the question: Is my marketing strategy aligned with my style?

For example, my style is Person to Person. But skill-wise I am a problem solver. And I do that quickly, with very little info. My strategy is based on creating situations where I can talk to people and solve them a problem in short time, so that they can move forward (Check my 20 minute marketing call)

Also, while I understand and believe in the power of social media, I am not someone who enjoys spending a lot of time  there. But their power to help us grow our business is not to be undervalued. So social media is, and will be, an element  in my strategy, but only to amplify my message, not as a pillar. The day I took that decision I found different ways of leveraging on social media without it sapping my energy or my time!

Is my marketing strategy aligned with my style? is a simple but essential question that I ask myself at the beginning of every quarter and when prepping launches or developing new services. It helps me look at opportunities and see if they align with my style or not, allowing me to make decisions with clarity and ease. It focuses my attention and helps me to work efficiently on things that can make a difference to my business (and my wallet!)

Pay attention to your marketing style.  If, for instance, you do not enjoy writing or spending time on social media, basing your marketing strategy on tactics that rely heavily on blogging and posting will become unsustainable.

I encourage you to think about how your marketing strategy aligns with your style, or how can you incorporate your  style  in your strategy.

So start with this powerful question, and let that percolate. Let your style drive your strategy.


Fourth Step: Explore my Resources

Uncovering your marketing style and aligning it with your marketing strategy business isn’t an overnight process.

Staying true to your style is rendered also more challenging because every day there are new apps, platforms, gurus  you name it, that blind you and can push you to go astray, hurting your business and your wallet!

You don’t need to sort this out on your own!

I’ve collected a few of my resources below to help you explore this idea further.



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