Your style is:

the PERSON TO PERSON marketer

The Best Marketing Strategy for YOU:

You prefer to create lasting and more profound results, and hence you look to connect with your audience in a personal way.

Inspiring your customers and touching their lives is a pillar of your strategy.

  • Build relationships with your target customers by listening, storytelling, and sharing experiences with them.
  • Referral marketing is also a good fit for you, as it works on word of mouth, and this is the ultimate person-to-person form of marketing.
  • Social media are great amplifiers for your message, and while you may not like them, you need to consider them in your strategy.

Your Strengths:

  • Warm & friendly, serious in relationships, can quickly identify other people’s emotions.
  • Enjoy finding a perfect solution to people you care about which makes you an excellent advisor or counselor.

Your Weaknesses:

  •  High expectations of others.
  • Being overly sensitive when somebody challenges or criticizes your values or principles.

Notable Person2Person People:

  • Simon Sinek
  • Eleonor Roosevelt
  • YOU 🙂