Your style is:

the INTROVERT marketer

The Best Marketing Strategy for YOU:

You tend to spend more time on listening to your customers rather than on talking and advertising to them.

Strategies that give you the time you need to formulate your thoughts and engage your audience on your terms like blogging and email marketing are a good fit for you.

  • Promote your content on platforms that allow you to engage without sapping your energy, such as LinkedIn, and Twitter. And if your style is more analytical, leverage on Google ads using keywords.
  • Work on your marketing tasks, and then back away when you’ve reached your limit.
  • Knowing that marketing can be hard, time-consuming, and might be working against your natural tendency to be quiet, carefully consider what aspects of your business, products, or yourself you need to market. Avoid becoming stretched too far, too thin.

Your Strengths:

  • Reliable source of help and support when the going gets tough.
  • Great management of time & resources.

Your Weaknesses:

  • Have very strong sense of duty and perfectionism, causing you to become overloaded with so many responsibilities.
  • Tendency towards perfectionism.

Notable Introverts:

  • Ghandi
  • Bill Gates
  • YOU 🙂