To me marketing is your relationship with your client. Is how we let people know about our solutions to problems they want to solve, and from there grow the relationship.

In theory then, the more time I put into marketing, the better results I should  see with my company.
But is that really so?

What if I put considerable time and resources and I still do not see it in quality leads or sales?

Is that your case?

It was my case, even after spending a ridiculous amount of my savings attending courses and learning as much as I could about digital marketing,  SEO, content etc, etc, etc.

While I know marketing is not a magic formula, and neither will marketing make me wealthy overnight, marketing IS the best and most reliable way to grow your business.

But growing my business was the least that was happening.

At a given point I was very confused as to how make marketing work for my business. And I am a marketing professional!  Go figure!

I wondered what the case would be for other entrepreneurs who did not have a marketing background. Were they growing frustrated since they could not see the relation between  the effort  and money put to the results they were getting?

So I set out to find out why my marketing efforts weren’t  generating positive results for my business.

Stay with me, because I have this all figured out.

If marketing was a carrot


Imagine that marketing was a carrot. When you look at the results of your marketing efforts, you think it should look like this:

If marketingwas a carrot



A well rounded carrot, rich in color, green leaves. Looks delicious and healthy.

Instead, when you look at the results of your marketing, you may feel or see that, was marketing like a carrot, your carrot looks like this:



Some missing parts, things you do not understand, some things seem to go well (the leaves), but not the ones you want (the carrot)

This is the reason why your marketing is not giving you results. The dots are not connected.

And your next question will be which dots?

In the understanding that marketing is our relationship with our customers, there are four elements (dots in this analogy)  so intertwined that it is enough for one of these to be out of whack, for your marketing to perform poorly.

These elements are:

  • What we say: your message is how you attract the ideal clients for your business, product or service. Tailoring your message so that it highlights the results for your customers is the key to this stage.
  • Where we say it: think of your website as your virtual office. Your site should support you every day in achieving your business goals.
  • What we do to be found: what’s the sense of having a site if people are not coming to it and discovering what you have to offer them?
  • What we do to grow the relationship: you need to connect and stay in touch with your prospects and clients to  further build your relationship with them.

Ok, now you know that if you want your carrot you need  to connect the dots.

These four elements are at the core of your business marketing. When the core is solid and functioning in synchronicity you can grow from there.  All these four elements need to be aligned with your business goals and revolve around your customer: because your message is built in function of your customer, and hopefully so are your products or services, the way you chose to connect with them and how you continue growing the relationship. This means you need to know your customer inside out and know where you want to go with your business.

Are the dots in your marketing connected?

To help small business entrepreneurs to have their marketing working for their business, I developed Connect the Dots in Your Marketing.
Connect the Dots in Your Marketing is a Bespoke Marketing Roadmap that won’t overwhelm you — instead, it simplifies your marketing by finding exactly where the gaps are in your core process.  Not only that, it will also show you what are the best next steps as well as the most immediate actions and opportunities you need to take in order to achieve results, based on your business goals, your style, and what you have done so far. The dots will be connected and like on steroids!

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