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Laundry4U is a local business in a multicultural neighborhood in Amsterdam offering dry clean, laundry and clothing repair services for households. However, being a local business, on a busy street with other 3 laundry shops within a couple of steps apart, the chances to increase profit without raising prices was close to zero.

Laundry4U had started rendering services to a couple of business renting linen, and wanted to penetrate that segment to increase profit, without losing the households.

Business hiring laundry services and linen rental look for quality, convenience and above all reliability. If Laundry4U was to enter that market successfully, the image it projects through the different points of contact (business cards, website, etc) is determining. We had to be careful though, that the different outlets didn’t look too business-like, and so hurt the household portion of the business.

  • We developed a logo that is elegant and stylized which immediately conveys all the services offered by Laundry4U. The colors communicate cleanliness and transparency. The combination of waves on the top and linear bottom say flexibility and reliability.
  • We created a responsive bilingual site (Dutch – English) site which separately displays services for households and for business. For household customers we included a section with news, laundry tips and deals, which we manage and update for our client. While the sites offers all the needed information to make a decision, this is presented in a clean and orderly manner, without being boring. Information is compartmentalized and easy to find and see.
  • To further support the growth of Laundry4U we rolled out a SEO strategy, which resulted in Laundry 4U showing up in the first places on search results in Google. This also translated into more households and tourists using the laundry’s facilities and services
  • In addition we set up a social media strategy, including Facebook, twitter and G+ business pages, which we also manage on behalf of the client

The next step is to roll out a Google Ads campaign to increase exposure among businesses, and so continue to solidify the growth of Laundry4U.

Laundry4U logo

The right image to project your image

Linear and wavy, this logo communicates flexibility & reliability. The shades of blue refer to cleanliness & transparency. The icons inside the logo indicate the services offered by Laundry4U

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Responsive & bilingual site

In this bilingual site  (Dutch-English) the aspects relevant for business such as flexibility and reliability, and those important to households: affordable prices and convenience come forward thanks to  a visual balance where the business component does not scare away the households.

SEO for Laundry4U

SEO with visible results

SEO plays a big role in supporting business growth. This step resulted in Laundry4U ranking as the first result in searches, for households as well as commercial laundry.

This project was carried out in cooperation with Guillermo Kaswalder from

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Websites: Laundry4u / The Netherlands
Websites: Laundry4u / The Netherlands
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The logo

Having a good logo is about more than just making a good first impression. It can have a lasting impact on your company. If your logo is professional, you’re more likely to help customers feel like your business is a professional one too.

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Laundry4U logo roughs

Fine tuning to get the right logo

We presented the client with several variations of the logo in search for the right one
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Laundry4U logo icons

Versatile and yet respecting the house style

Laundry & dry clean related icons can be used in combination with the corporate colors to highlight services rendered
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Laundry4U logo

A Professional Logo

Linear and wavy, this logo communicates flexibility & reliability. The shades of blue refer to cleanliness & transparency. The icons inside the logo indicate the services offered by the company.
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Laundry4U band

Different logo applications

Combining the logo elements: colors, lines and icons, we created the shop’s window banner and further solidified the corporate identity
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Laundry4U got laundry

Different uses of the logo elements

The laundry icons lend themselves well for different combinations within the house style, offering opportunities for advertising that further establishes the business image
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Logo Suite

Logo Suite

Every logo we develop comes with a logo suite, a comprehensive set of the approved logo in different versions for different applications (print, digital, color, B&W, large formats)

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The website

A website is a key element that can help you to sky rocket your results and get faster to your goals. You need to be very clear of how the website falls into the marketing strategy puzzle, and that the website structure and content will work to support the strategy.

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Laundry4U look & feel

Look & feel

Since the aim of the website is to attract commercial users, the site has a look & feel matches that of restaurants, hotels and B&B
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Laundry4U SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays an important role since this is a local business and the street where it is located already knows other 3 laundry shops
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Laundry4U website icons

Icons to match the business identity

To signal the different services in a visual manner we leveraged on icons recreated in the business style
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Laundry4U website icons

Multilingual Site

The content was written in English and later translated and localised in Dutch. The site is bilingual and other languages can easily be integrated if needed
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Laundry4U Blog

Tips & News

The blog page was repurposed to present laundry and fabric care tips and also news like promotions and services

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