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International Mentor Coach Program - USA / The Netherlands

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The International Mentor Coach Training “Going Beyond Models” is a high level course designed to support mentor coaches to advance their coaching abilities. The cutting edge of this course is that it teaches certified coaching professionals to respond flexibly to their coachees depending on their needs instead of solely relying on models to structure their sessions.

We were asked to create a website to promote the course, facilitate registration and include an article as free resource. In addition they asked for advise on how to further promote the course using social media and/or email marketing. We had 2 weeks to set it all up and a limited budget.



For this project digital marketing was the name of the game. We combined the power of landing pages, valuable free resource and email marketing to communicate the benefits of the course and establish the trainer’s authority, promote the course and grow a mailing list with ideal prospects.

  • From the creative concept to the look & feel and illustration, the design of the landing page, free resource and website make reference to the risks of stagnating and possibilities that open up after completing the course, hence the ship aground in the sand when prospects are at the beginning of their interaction to the open sea picture in the website.
  • The article to be used as free resource was redesigned to render it more appealing and readable and boost its value. The article was promoted through the experts’ networks and advertised using social media (Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • To further establish the experts’ authority on the topic, their insights on each of the points in the article were included as comments, rendering the free resource even more valuable.
  • After downloading the freebie, prospects would get several (automated) emails with information complementary to the freebie and inviting them to check the website to learn more about mentor coaching
  • We created a one-pager site, with different blocks of information about the course benefits, the trainers, forms of payment and other relevant info to close the sale online.
  • The homepage has been designed in such a way that it can be easily updated or adapted for new releases of the course.

Freebie Downloads: 150 times

Registered Participants: 6 (minimum required was 4)

Potential clients for next release: 143


the freebie bait

Promotional Landing Page

For the delivery of the free resource we created a landing page where the objective was to highlight the content of the free resource (which made reference to mistakes mentor coaches should avoid) and invite prospects to download it. By using an image of a ship aground in the sand we underlined the risks of getting stagnated. Check how this works.

The downloadable freebie pdf

Valuable Free Resource

The free resource was a PDF with several tips on coaches’ potential blind spots (hence the shipwreck image). To add more value to the resource and further establish the experts’ authority on the topic we suggested to include the experts’ insights about the tips, presented as comments. In addition we proposed a different graphic approach to render it more inviting and legible so the value of the resource became immediately evident to the reader. Check how this works.

7 mistakes mentor coaches should avoid

A one-page, responsive website for all devices, ready for registrations

We created a one-pager site, with different blocks of information about the course benefits, the trainers, forms of payment and other relevant info to close the sale online.

This project was carried out in cooperation with Guillermo Kaswalder from

The bait

Many visitors to your website aren’t ready to buy from you yet. The goal is to make sure they sign up for your list before they go so you can continue the conversation and nurture the relationship.

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landing page

Locking the interest through a landing page

A landing page promoted through Social Media and newsletters leads prospects to sign up for a valuable gift they just can't miss. This activates the process of capturing visitor information– an email address or other lead generating information – for future follow-up.
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Building a valuable prospect list

Building a valuable prospect list

A double opt-in helps to ensure your prospects want to hear from you, keeps your lists clean and reduce spam complaints.
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Expressing gratitude and promoting further action

Expressing gratitude and promoting further action

Once your newly converted leads have gone through the effort to fill out your form, you should always redirect them to a “Thank You” page, where they can receive the content that you had promised them. Optimise your thank you page with access to your offer, social media sharing links, secondary calls-to-action, and auto-response emails.

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The Free Resource

A valuable free gift is a risk free way for prospects to get to know you – while proving your expertise and making them eager to buy your services.

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Freebie cover

Providing value & brand awareness

A desirable freebie is the combo of a hot topic your audience is dying to know more about AND a format that makes it easy to consume your info. The shipwreck image in the freebie matches the landing page, adding graphic coherence and reinforcing the need to take action or risk to stagnate.
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7 mistakes mentor coaches should avoid original article

Providing value and gaining exposure

Writing articles, reports, lists etc. allow you to share your opinions and gain exposure with a greater audience. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your target, increase traffic to your website, and establish yourself as an expert in your subject matter. An otherwise dull page with text can be transformed into more attractive, dynamic and readable information.
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The Freebie Content

Establishing Authority

By establishing authority in your field you stand out against the competition. The process starts by providing helpful information to your target audience—content that appeals to their wants, needs, and challenges, and is enriched by adding your own insights.
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Freebie authors

Establishing your brand

The more your target market is exposed to your brand, the more the people in that market will recognize you as an authority in your field, feel a connection, and buy from you. In addition to a compelling resume of your qualities, experience and what your service can mean to your clients, coherence in the design and use of corporate elements helps to establish your authority and your brand.
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freebie call to action

Leading to further action

The ship aground in the sand turns into a broad wave in the open sea. Once valuable information is given and your expertise established, it is time now to offer your services and invite prospects to learn more and check the info about a paid course.

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