Take the overwhelm out of marketing!

You’re already doing some marketing, but how can you tell if it’s working?

Would you like to figure out why all the time and resources you are putting into marketing are not producing more solid results?

Let me show you how.

It is not enough to “do some marketing”,  you need the right framework that connects all your activities, supports your message and speaks to the right people for your business. Your marketing needs to be solid in its core. If this is not the case, then it’s time to:


When you are  really connecting the dots, the core of your business marketing is solid and working to get you results, the tools you use work seamlessly together and therefore they make a stronger impact on your ideal clients by delivering a cohesive message, over and over again.

It is your consistent message that grabs their attention and makes them say, “This is exactly who and what I need” at exactly the right moment.

Would you like to benefit from a dedicated, professional pair of eyes and ears reviewing your business, your goals, your style and what you have done so far so that they can show you exactly where the gaps are at the core of your  marketing process? Not only that, but would you like to know, what are the best next steps as well as the most immediate actions and opportunities you need to take in order to achieve results?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Connect the Dots in Your Marketing is a Bespoke Marketing Roadmap that won’t overwhelm you — instead, it simplifies your marketing by focusing on four distinct areas:


Your message is how you attract the ideal clients for your business, product or service. Tailoring your message so that it highlights the results for your customers is the key to this stage.


Think of your website as your virtual office. Your site should support you every day in achieving your business goals.


What’s the sense of having a site if people are not coming to it and discovering what you have to offer them?


You need to connect and stay in touch with your prospects and clients to  further build your relationship with them.

If you want marketing to work for your business, instead of the other way round, you have to stop using cookie cutter formulas and look at what truly works for you and your business.

I know it is hard, because everywhere you turn, especially on social media, there are people and companies offering one-size-fits all marketing solutions. But just because they work for other people, does not mean that they will be the right solution for you.

I believe, that as business owners we need to ‘be with’ our customers and clients. And the only right way to connect to your customers is through real, caring connections, and definitely not through cookie cutter marketing.

Claudia has a very clear eye for where the improvements in your business can be made. She offers great advice and hands-on tips on how to improve your marketing. It was very helpful to change the content of my communication accordingly. A wonderful investment in my business. Joska Kruijsen –

Why One-Size-Fits-All Marketing will not work for your business:

It’s impersonal

“Marketing is your relationship with your ideal client.”

Companies that continue to churn out one size fits all marketing formulas have forgotten that people aren’t robots, they’re human beings.
These businesses provide you with formulas that do not take into account your style, your goals, what is relevant for your customer, what you have done so far or what has already achieved results for you. Which means that no matter what you do it will be difficult to connect with your customer. Customers are smart, they can see artificial marketing from far away and they move on. Which is exactly what you should do.

Unrealistic results & expectations

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, Company X is telling you if you buy their online program, that they’ll give you the magic formula which will increase your traffic, leads, and sales by 500%, or more. As a time-crunched business owner, this seems like an incredible opportunity. So you invest in their program. You don’t know much about content marketing,  SEO, online training, product launching or whatever methodology they are offering, but it sounds like it worked for them and all the customers who have given them 5 star testimonials on their sales page.

However, six months later, after hundreds of hours and possibly incurring outsourced fees you still don’t see the 500% increase, in fact, you may not even have seen a 5% increase. And, if we’re going be really honest, the coursework was confusing, you didn’t have anywhere to ask questions, things got busy in your business and somehow you just, sort of, quietly didn’t finish the course, it’s just sitting there in a folder on your hard drive, waiting. What a waste.

It may also be that the product is good and does exactly what it says it will, but it is just not a good fit for your business. However, very few of these one size fits all formulas will actually take the time to understand your business and how their product can really help you to connect and grow. And if you knew how to do that on your own, you wouldn’t have needed the course in the first place, would you?


Your plan (if you have a plan) is not their plan

As a business owner you need to understand the basics of marketing and create a plan for your business. You need to get clear on your overall approach and where you are headed before outsourcing or buying anything else. As a marketing professional of X years, it is disheartening to see so many people spending their hard earned money on solutions which can’t give them the results they want. . Before you outsource and know how to standard formulas work for your business you first have understand where your business is going.

Formulas don’t leave room for you to leverage what makes you unique and special

Small businesses need to make good use of their resources. You need to make sure that people know what makes you different from the rest. Difference isn’t created by following the herd and doing the same things everyone else is doing. You can’t develop difference by tapping into pre-fab content formulas created by people who don’t know you or your clients..

It’s time to make marketing personal and tailored for YOU and YOUR business again!


A step-by-step implementation report that not only identifies where the obstacles are in the core of your marketing process, but then lays out the actual steps you need to take in order to connect the dots in your marketing and make it work for you.

  1. This step-by-step report is built to address the specific requirements of your business. No one-size-fits-all, no cookie cutter formula.
  2. Created especially for you, based on your business information, your goals, your possibilities. This is no pre-set format where your answers do not fit the questions.
  3. Takes the overwhelm out of marketing, together with all the unnecessary strategies or actions that look great on paper but do not work for you.
  4. Comes with rapid implementation, so that you know exactly what are the most immediate steps you need to take to get your marketing working for you again.

Who is this roadmap for?

  • This plan is especially for you if you’re not starting from scratch. You’re already doing some marketing, but you can’t tell if it’s working..
  • You have been in business for at least three years .
  • You are an action taker.
  • You have concrete business goals you wish to achieve.

Take the overwhelm out of YOUR marketing!

To find out how we can work together feel free to email me at

Claudia cuts through to the core issues. I found our session gave me clarity and her report gave simple actionable steps to take action on her ideas. Recommend!     Simone Davies –


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